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Grappa of halving By Capovilla

Some time ago, I had the great fortune "to give me the brandy" by Vittorio Capovilla, Gianni for his friends, his distillery Rosa in the province of Vicenza, near Bassano.
Being struck by its products, the perfection of taste and aroma, I want to tell my feelings to share with those who still did not have the opportunity to meet this great and passionate still.

Capovilla, approaching the world of distilling in the 70's, when selling cars for wine in Austria and Germany, he met many winemakers and distillers who are also experiencing himself this heady task.

Since then, Capovilla study with passion and has now become a master of distillation, which stands for passion in the product research, and the ability to extract from each, every nuance aromatic. Gianni produces accurate work already in the preparation of fermented. The care in the preparation of the wort, it is generally unusual for classical and for Gianni distillery, is a normal working closely followed, the greater, the less "sugar" are the fruits of departure.

Then, to maintain the nuances of taste and smell, the stage of distillation, Capovilla acts on the system of distillation times and temperatures, ranging from 78-degrees, the boiling point of alcohol, to 100 degrees, the boiling point of 'water. The lower the temperature, the slower the distillation, most are good products. Capovilla plants, heating of the mass distillation is carried out through a water bath, which allows him to "lead" the process as needed, the result is a performance slow, difficult and expensive, made of tastings, cuts heads , queues, and a lot of patient waiting, with results perhaps insurmountable.

The outcome of this long and delicate process are spirits that maintain the characteristics of aroma, flavor and taste of the fruit base, thus being able to perfectly distinguish the differences in nature between the individual grape varieties.

The grappa from the pomace of the rake they have the full demonstration.

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